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Keeping up with changes to the Fair Work Act

30 Jul 2021

Employing staff can be complicated, particularly with the rules and regulations surrounding employee entitlements and reporting changing regularly.

As a business, it’s important to keep up-to-date with the most recent payroll laws and changes to employee entitlements – which means being across changes to the Fair Work Act and implementing processes to make sure your business is compliant.

For example, it’s crucial to keep adequate payroll records and issue pay slips to employees.

Let’s paint a picture for you: You don’t currently send pay slips to your employees or keep proper records, and one day you find yourself in a fair work case where an employee is claiming that they’re being underpaid. If this happens, and you don’t have adequate records to prove that you have met your obligations, the court will assume the employee’s allegations are correct. This is just one of the areas of employment law covered by the Fair Work Act.

As of the 26th of March 2021, some sections of the Fair Work Act relating to casual employees have been changed – so, there’s never been a better time to get up-to-date with the new laws and make sure your business stays payroll-savvy.

Luckily, the Fair Work Ombudsman has developed a series of online learning courses to help you understand your obligations and the rights of your employees.

You can give the short course a go here. It should only take you between 20-40 minutes to complete, and covers off some of the following points:

  • The basics of employment records
  • When you need to create employment records and how long you need to hold on to them
  • Information on pay slips and what needs to be included on them
  • Handling record keeping and some pay slip FAQs
  • How to respond to an audit
  • Links to some common resources that can help you manage your record-keeping obligations

Alternatively, become a More bookkeeping client and we can take care of it for you! Our team is based in South Melbourne and are fully qualified to handle your payroll – whether your needs are big or small. Get in touch with us to discuss a solution tailored to your business.

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