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BAS lodgement and GST reporting

BAS services for small businesses and large-scale enterprises - and everything in between

At More Bookkeeping we specialise in preparing Business Activity Statements (BAS) so that you can ensure you're completely compliant with the ATP. Whether you're a small-sized business or large-scale enterprise, we also ensure that no claim is missed, so that you're receiving / paying the correct amount. Your accountants will love our South Melbourne-based BAS agents! We also prepare all business files so that your accountant can prepare your tax returns with ease.

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Our BAS services

BAS Lodgement

Lodging your BAS on time (either monthly or quarterly) will save you from getting those nasty letters from the ATO or getting fined for late lodgement. Our South Melbourne based BAS agents are always on hand to ensure this goes smoothly.

BAS and GST Assistance

We can provide techniques to keep you on top of these commitments. It is important to have a certain level of discipline in business to prevent GST and BAS issues creeping up on you.

Tax Coding

We can make sure your tax coding is correct to ensure you will get maximum benefits from the GST laws.

End of Financial year is easy!

We can finalise your Single Touch Payroll, so your employees will have access through My GOV. All end of year reports will be prepared and published ready for your accountant to prepare the business tax return.


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