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Payroll Only

Jonathan's Cafe

Jonathan owns a Café. He has the accountant handle all the BAS work and he likes to do his own reconciliation, but he outsources his payroll. Jonathan simply sends the timesheets of his casual employees, notifies of any leave taken, and we take care of the rest! Leave tracking, Super, pay slips and generating the payment files.

$86.70per week (Jonathan's tailored plan for 3 staff)

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Small-scale business

Barbara's marketing firm

Barbara runs a small-scale marketing business. Barbara has 1 business bank account with low traffic, 4 staff on weekly payroll, and a few bills per month. Barbara lodges BAS and pays superannuation quarterly.

$154.85per week (Barbara's tailored plan)

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Medium-sized business

Derrick's sportswear store

Derrick owns a sportswear retail store. Derrick has 2 business bank accounts (a savings account and transaction account). Derrick’s transaction account has a medium volume of traffic, and he has 14 people on fortnightly payroll – including casuals and full-time staff. Derrick pays between 3-8 bills weekly and issues invoices for big orders. Derrick pays monthly Superannuation and quarterly BAS. He also likes to receive management reports such as his Profit/Loss and a monthly balance sheet.

$268.23per week (Derrick's tailored plan)

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Large-scale business

Sam's sales company

Sam is the CEO of a sales company. Sam runs sales over various products and has a management team and sales staff. Sam runs a fortnightly payroll for 80 people spanning across multiple states, and has Payroll tax requirements as well. Sam has 2 business bank accounts and an Amex credit card, both of which see lots of traffic. Sam’s company has Accounts Payable for around 50 bills per month and Accounts Receivable of 10-15 invoices a month. Sam chooses to pay monthly Super and IAS and likes to receive monthly management reports.

$472.36per week (Sam's tailored plan to cover everything)

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